Conveyor Positioning & Feeding Device Solutions

Kleenline offers positioning and feeding devices and conveyors to complement your sanitary product handling system while increasing line efficiency. Proper product position and feeding are key to keeping your line moving smoothly. Positioning and orienting product for optimum production flow is a "must work optimally all the time" functioning. These machines are versatile to meet unique product demands. Positioning and feeding devices include:

  • Oven and freezer feed belts
  • Reciprocator conveying
  • Infeed shuttle array
  • Box fill settling conveying
  • Product turning
  • Tray loading & metering
  • Spreader conveying
  • Trough conveying

Kleenline has long been recognized as an industry leader in designing and building the best positioning and orienting solutions possible.

Providing uniform product distribution and fast cycle times to drive optimum quality results. Kleenline oven belts and multi-tier Reciprocator conveyors are designed and built on decades of experience and expertise.

Reciprocators transfers single line of product into rows, or multiple rows of product into a single lane.

A conveyor that speeds up or slows down to match variable flow rates, keeping products on pitch.

Our Settling Conveyors reduce container sizes and quickly and gently settle products.

By precisely rotating a product, it properly orients it for the next process.

This tray loading system is a turnkey System loads bakery pans in either direction, just change stroke length. The user friendly operator interface allows flexibility in array definition.

Our Tray Metering Lug Conveyor provides reduced operator oversight, lower costs, and more quality production.

Product Spreader Conveyors utilize specific lanes to ensure products are spread from side to side and front to back in an organized manner across the length of the conveyor lanes.

Kleenline's sanitary Trough Conveyors are setting new industry sanitation standards for wash-down conveyors with state-of-the-art cleanability, reliability, and performance.