Tray Metering Lug Conveyors

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Our custom-developed Tray Metering Lug Conveyor ensures proper spacing, keeping product on pitch without overlapping by using smart belts to meter the rate of product flow.

The Tray Metering Lug Conveyor is ideal for low-profile products that are difficult to grip on its sides, such as trays. Paired with other Kleenline hallmarks of excellence, it is designed with a space-saving 6 to 8-foot construction, and our legendary stainless wash-down specifications. Common applications for the Tray Metering Lug Conveyor include food tray conveyance applications in which food products, such as meat, bakery items, pastas, or similar pre-packaged frozen meals are packaged and kept on pitch without overlapping as trays move throughout the production line.


  • Consistent, Repeatable Spacing
  • Ensures Product Integrity
  • Ability To Transport Irregularly Shaped Products Or Products Difficult To Grip
  • Designed With Space In Mind