Tray Loading Reciprocator Conveyor

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Kleenline's Tray Loading Reciprocator Conveyors offer versatility, reliability and ease of operations. Adjustments for different product and tray sizes can be made easily. With customizable options, Tray Loading Reciprocator Conveyors deliver precise product placement into trays without affecting the integrity of the product.

These loaders are ideal for high-speed loading of trays without time-consuming
changeovers. Tray Loading Reciprocator Conveyors incorporate the latest controls and a sturdy design into a ruggedly dependable machine built for efficient operation. The retractable discharge section is servo driven and can be designed to meet almost any retract length. With PLC control and a color touchscreen, changeovers are completed with a simple recipe selection. Operator friendly software and diagnostics on the touchscreen interface minimize downtime.

A single lane or multi-lane supply of product can be deposited in one or more lanes to create the desired product pattern in a tray or specialty shipper positioned below the discharge of the Reciprocator Conveyor. The receiving trays/shippers can be run continuously or intermittently depending on the desired pattern.

These systems are commonly used to load a pattern or product into thermoform machines or trays/shippers traveling on a servo-driven conveyor. The desired pattern can be created by a single retract or a series of retracts on the Reciprocator Conveyor and indexes on the servo-driven conveyor carrying the trays/shippers.

Reciprocator Conveyors can be built to various levels of sanitary design such as food grade for bakery items, USDA for protein products, or 3A for dairy applications.

The retractable discharge section is servo-driven for precise, repeatable product placement and can be designed to meet almost any retract length. With PLC control and a color HMI, changeovers are completed with a simple recipe selection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Small Diameter End Roller for Smooth Product Transfers
  • Variable Indexing/Retraction Speeds
  • Optical Sensing Trigger with Learning Capability
  • User-Friendly Operator Interface Allows Flexibility in Array Definition
  • Speeds To 60 CPM

Receiving Conveyor Adjustable Variables:

  • Belt Speed
  • Belt Index Length
  • Distance Between Rows
  • Distance from Container Edge to First Row