Conveyor Belt Types

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Different applications and products often require different conveying surfaces. Kleenline engineers have expertise with numerous conveyor belts including:

  • Vulcanized Polyurethane
  • Wire Mesh
  • Mat Top Chain
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Homogeneous Thermoplastic

Serving a wide range of industries requires conveyor versatility. Our conveying technology is innovative to allow for industries to meet their production rates with ease. Customizable options are available to ensure that specific product requirements are met with precision, including an option wipe down design.

In addition to customizable features, we offer conveyor belt options ranging from a flat wire belt to an ultra-sanitary troughing belt. Our unique conveyor belt types are designed to allow for the safe production of fragile, sensitive, heavy-duty, and bulky products.

A Solution for Every Need

In addition to this variety of sturdy and dependable conveyor belt types, Kleenline also offers numerous options and add-on features. No matter what product needs conveying, there is a simple solution available. Let our team specify the right products with the right belts to help you maintain your high standards for sanitation and product quality.

Sanitary Conveyor Belt Options

  • Stainless Steel Wire & Flat Wire Belt
  • Urethane Strand Belt
  • Plastic Modular Belt
  • Fabric Belt
  • Ultra-Sanitary Troughing