Box and Case Lifts

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Tackle your product handling challenges with Kleenline's Box and Case Lifts.

Kleenline's Box and Case Loader Lifts are ideal for your elevated system challenges. Our vertical-shaft design minimizes required space for inter-level support. In addition, Kleenline's Integral Feed Conveyors can move product as a pass-through or position cases for lifting to another level which is equipped with a pneumatic pusher to discharge product, as required.

Dynamic braking controls stop/start while extending motor life. Integral automation controls product movement and programmable settings ensure gentle handling of delicate products. Lexan covers allow safe observation of lift operation.

As with all Kleenline systems, custom designs resolve unique or challenging applications while meeting the highest sanitary standards including FDA, USDA, and BISCC standards.

Standard Specifications

  • Speeds up to 60 cases per minute
  • Capacity up to 100 pounds per case
  • Elevation up to 15 feet
  • Designs to suit box size

Belt Options

  • Plastic Modular
  • Wire
  • Timing Belts
  • Chain
  • Urethane Strand
  • Gravity Rollers
  • Synthetic Fabric
  • Table-top Chain

Compliance Standards

  • BISC
  • USDA
  • FDA
  • National Sanitation Foundation
  • ISN

Custom Options

  • Robotics
  • Automation Controls
  • PLC Programming
  • Drive Type — Brand and Variable Speed
  • Support Side Rails