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Reciprocator (Shuttle) Conveyors

High-Speed PLC Controls Improve Line Performance.

The reciprocator conveyor is designed to ensure productivity and organization in the packaging process. This unique cooling conveyor technology transfers products then retracts, releasing the product onto trays. With speed and sanitation, products are safely conveyed and packaged in one swift movement.

Reciprocator Applications

  • Array Formation
  • Bakery Pan Loading with servo-controlled indexing conveyor
  • Multi-tier Cooling Conveyor Loading
  • Single File Orientation Conversion To Rows
  • Oven Loading
  • Proofer Flight Loading
  • Right Angle Transfers

Flexible Options

  • Belt Widths To 72 Inches
  • Length Of Retraction To Over 12 Feet
  • Electric Start/Stop Integrated With Peripheral Equipment
  • Stroke Lengths Specific To Application
  • Fastest Cycle Times In The Industry (over 60 CPM for 42 inch stroke)
  • Movable Casters - When Machine is Not In Operation

Standard Specs For Integrated Control Package

  • Servo Control
  • Variable Retraction Speeds
  • Discrete Adjustments For Belt And Reciprocation Speeds
  • Optical Sensing Trigger With Learning Capability

Application Driven Design

  • Speeds To 60 CPM
  • Up To 44 Inches Travel
  • Tight Nose — Discharge Roller to 1/2”
  • Stainless Steel Construction
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  • Features

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Quick release take ups for belt tension adjustment and cleaning
    • Separate adjustments for belt and reciprocation speed
    • Tight-nose discharge with sensor for reciprocating control
  • Benefits

    • Orient products for more efficient processing or packaging
    • Variable indexing
    • Programmable to run a variety of products and applications
    • Designed specifically to run your product

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