Elevating Incline Conveyors & Vertical Lifts

Kleenline is a leading manufacturer of engineered stainless steel conveyors and related equipment. We specialize in high-quality, low maintenance sanitary designs used primarily in the food and pharmaceutical industries. To provide complete sanitary solutions to our customers, Kleenline offers many other custom product handling components, including:

  • Elevating systems
  • Vertical case lifts
  • Scoop flight conveyors
  • Custom Innovations

The elevating machinery from Kleenline lifts cases at a continuous flow, working at elevation heights of up to 20 feet. These machines are customizable to meet unique product requirements.

Box or case lifts take a continuous flow of cases to a higher level within your facility. These machines can take up to 40 boxes per minute, and an elevation up to 20 feet.