Conveyor Merging Systems & Diverging Conveyors

Kleenline offers servo and pneumatic-actuated equipment for merging and diverging of your products in a smooth and efficient manner within your line. To create maximum efficiency, continuous stream conveying systems are ideal, as they can disperse to 5 different locations. Single file orientation is also available to multiple lanes. To create balance in each packaging line, individual diverting systems are ideal. Kleenline also offers conveyors to move products from a single lane to multiple lanes. Our product mergers and divergers are built of high-quality construction and provide low maintenance.

To meet the vast needs of industries, Kleenline offers a flexible solutions, including:

  • Pneumatic Product Merger
  • Servo Product Merger
  • Pneumatic Product Diverger
  • Servo Product Diverger

Kleenline has the ideal solution for high-speed merging that cannot be backlogged.

Conveyor system designed to take a continuous stream of product and spread the output flow up to 5 different locations for feeding ovens or freezers.

Moves product from single file orientation to multiple lanes as needed.

An integrated conveyor system to divert individual products to ensure balanced packaging lines.

Servo Sweep Conveyor Machine spreads a single lane of product into multiple lanes.