Conveyor Combining Systems & Collating Solutions

We're experts at designing for every flow variable, space restriction, and production goal. Whether fabricating, integrating, installing, or all of the above, Kleenline provides the best Combining and Collating process solutions in the industry. As the leader in integrated sanitary product handling solutions, Kleenline offers flexible solutions for diverse product requirements.

The combining and collating systems are designed to:

  • Merge
  • Divert
  • Space
  • Combine

This brings order and efficiency to your processing operations. We leverage superior knowledge and expertise of a very wide range of product characteristics to create an ordered, effective and economical product flow to downstream operations.

Efficiently and effectively combine product flow from multiple lanes without pile up, or overflow.

Servo Controlled Collation machine used to for lane diverting and balancing a conveyor production line.

Chicaning Conveyors can deliver order, orientation, and spacing consistently and economically.