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Jun 16, 2020

New, Timely Solutions for Manufacturers Adapting Production Capabilities

STATHAM, Ga., June 16, 2020 –Southern, a leader in horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS) pouch packaging solutions, recently began a project in which a custom PowerPouch® IM7-16 and Flighted Incline Conveyor solution packages COVID-19 test kits into 4-sided sealed pouches.

Medical Kitting Solutions from Southern

In this system, COVID-19 test cassettes and desiccant pouches are hand loaded onto a Benchmark Flighted Incline Conveyor with the short edge leading in each flight. The conveyor transfers these products in registration to the PowerPouch® machine for automatic loading.

The PowerPouch® IM7-16, consisting of a film forming area, pouch making section and bag clamp conveyor, pulls film through the pouch forming section with a set of coated film drive rolls. The pouch forming section folds the heat and pressure activated roll of film into a V-shape, seals the sides, and cuts the pouches for transfer into the bag clamp conveyor. The bag clamp conveyor holds the pouches as they are indexed through the loading area, top seal area and secondary operations. The PowerPouch® machine accepts the COVID-19 test cassettes and desiccant pouches from the Flighted Infeed Conveyor during the dwell portion of the cycle and packages pouches from 60-80 parts per minute.

COVID-19 presents many challenges in the workplace, with increased costs and limited resources. We offer timely solutions for companies looking to repurpose or add to their production capabilities to package COVID-19 test kits or similar products. These solutions typically reduce labor and increase line speed. In addition, our PowerPouch® machine uses roll stock, which eliminates the added cost of using pre-made pouches.

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