Repositioning Product With Spreader Conveyors

Precise Product Spacing with Spreader Conveyors

Precise product placement every time.

Our systems achieve precise product spacing with individual conveyor belt lanes. For random products or for products requiring fine-tune adjustment, our individual urethane belts provide the solution. Whatever the spreading application Kleenline has the answer.

Organization is key to successful conveying—that’s why Kleenline offers the Product Spreader Conveyor systems for precision placement. These systems utilize specific lanes to ensure that products are spread in an organized manner across the conveyor lanes.

In addition to its organized structure, these conveyors are equipped with a broad range of capabilities. From lane specifications to aligning needs, conveyors from Kleenline meet production room needs with precision. Typical applications for these systems include placement near counting, stacking and packaging equipment.

Product spreader3 500x375
Product spreader2 500x375
Product spreader 500x375