Right-Angle Product Transferring With Reciprocators

Precise, Repeatable Transfers to Create the Product Pattern Needed

Productivity Is The Goal. Kleenline Is The Answer

Kleenline is simply the best in the business at designing and building high-quality, sanitary product control conveyors, orientation conveyors, and modular clean equipment. These systems are built to move and control product in precise orientation for any downstream process whether picking, packing, or palletizing.

Reciprocator (Shuttle) Conveyors make right-angle product transfers, converting single file product travel into multiple rows or multiple rows of product into a single row. Typical applications for Reciprocators include oven loading, tray-loading, flight loading, array formation, and more. Its application-driven design can accommodate speeds up to 60 CPM and up to 44 inches of travel. The tight nose discharge roller and stainless steel construction make Reciprocating (Shuttle) Conveyors the ideal solution for your production line.

Reciprocator Applications

  • Array Formation
  • Bakery Pan Loading with servo-controlled indexing conveyor
  • Multi-tier Cooling Conveyor Loading
  • Single File Orientation Conversion To Rows
  • Oven Loading
  • Proofer Flight Loading
  • Right Angle Transfers

Reciprocator shuttle conveyors kleenline


Multi tier cooling conveyor with reciprocator kleenline

Multi-Tier Cooling Conveyor With Reciprocator

Reciprocator oven feed belt3 500x375

Reciprocating Bagels Onto Oven Feed Belts

Reciprocator belt bakery tray loader

Reciprocator Loading Product Into Trays