Distributing & Leveling Products Using A Settling Conveyor

Settling Conveyor Distributes & Levels Variety of Products

Innovative Design Is The Key To Product Spreading and Settling

Kleenline has a new solution for a classic problem — how to better distribute products for desired container filling. Kleenline Settling Conveyors are gentle enough for product bags and tough enough for heavy totes of metal parts.

Kleenline Advantages

Our settlers reduce container sizes and quickly settle products, minimize air content before shipping, and lessen manpower requirements and repetitive motion of manual settling operations. Kleenline offers a variety of sizes and lengths available for a wide range of specific requirements. Our stainless steel, robust duty construction means fast, easy wash down.

Optional controls include —

  • stop gates to sequence product
  • reversing
  • speed control
  • load cell weighing
  • polymer coated rollers for smooth static free operation
LengthStandard Roller Width

Settling conveyors 500x375

Settling Conveyor - Bag of Food

Settling conveyor bagels 500x375

Settling Conveyor - Box of Bagels

Settling conveyor bags of food 500x375

Settling Conveyor System - Bags of Food