Reorienting Product With Laning & Chicaning Conveyors

Laning & Chicaning Conveyors Incrementally Accelerate Conveyor Modules to Divert and Chicane Products

Kleenline chicaning and laning applications are custom-designed and built to customer specifications, in this case for a customer merging multiple lanes of pastries into a single lane.

This Kleenline design helps reorient product to ensure proper gapping for downstream preparation.

Kleenline's sanitary Laning and Chicaning conveyors are designed with speed and precision to ensure that products are safely carried along the conveying machine. Using innovative technology, this machine is able to organize products quickly to save time.

Laning & Chicaning - Singulating Pastries

Chicaning conveyors 500x375

Chicaning & Laning Conveyors

Singulating Chicaning Conveyor

Singulating Chicaning Conveyor - Pastries

Chicaning Conveyor Waffle Application 500x375

Chicaning Conveyor - Waffles

Singulating Chicaning Conveyor Hot Pockets 500x375

Chicaning Conveyor - Frozen Sandwiches