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Infeed Conveyor

In sanitary food production, retort rooms and processes get maximum oversight from many stakeholders –– production engineers, maintenance teams, regulatory inspectors, operators and top company managers. That because when it comes to food safety, the retort room must operate flawlessly under tight specifications.

Kleenline frequent project partner Allpax, also a ProMach company, is a premium provider of retort rooms and components. Part of their high quality reputation comes from relying on conveyor solutions providers with the same track record for optimum food safety performance.

In many cases, that’s Kleenline. In fact, our unique conveyors for in-feed both solve a production challenge and maintain the demanding sterile environment regulations for retort room and processes. Three conveyors that speed up or slow down to match variable flow rates keep product on pitch –– and because they’re Kleenline conveyors, Allpax can count on long, fault-free performance, minimum contamination points and easy, complete wash down.