Tray Loaders

Turnkey Systems for loading Bakery Pans Or Specialty Shippers.

Kleenline's Tray Loading and Tray Handling equipment offers versatility, reliability and ease of operations. Adjustments for different product and tray sizes can be made easily. With customizable options, Tray Loaders, Tray Conveyors, and other custom tray handling solutions deliver precise slug loading from the discharge of a 2-lane or 4-lane sandwiching machine and automatically loads slugs into trays without affecting the integrity of the product.

This loader is ideal for high-speed loading of trays without time-consuming changeovers. Tray Loaders incorporate the latest controls and a sturdy design into a ruggedly dependable machine built for efficient operation. Operator friendly software and diagnostics on the touchscreen interface minimize changeovers and downtime.

Kleenline Advantages

  • Turnkey System loads bakery pans in either direction. Just change stroke length
  • User-friendly operator interface allows flexibility in array definition

Reciprocator Adjustable Variables:

  • Retraction Rate
  • Stroke Length
  • Belt Speed

Indexing Adjustable Variables:

  • Belt Speed
  • Distance Between Rows
  • Distance To/From Edge Of Container To First Row
  • Eliminate repetitive labor tasks and fill up to 10 trays per minute on a single line

  • Electric start stop functions integrated with peripheral equipment

  • Fastest Cycle Times in the Industry