Rotary Tables

Gently accumulate your products with precision and care.

Kleenline's rotary table/unscrambler provides a buffer space to accumulate product until the downstream conveyor is ready for additional product. Our stainless steel standard Rotary Top 304 comes in a wide variety of diameters and is suitable for many applications. The standard diameters include 30”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 60”. Also, optional tops are available in UHMW, Aluminum or 316L depending on application needs. As with all Kleenline solutions, customers can depend on polished stainless steel construction, one-piece integral side rails, open design for easy cleanup and variable speed rotation rate adjustment

Options For Accumulation Requirements

  • Our Rotary Table/Unscrambler feeds product single-file into an existing line for take away
  • Smart "in and out" design transfers product from one conveyor to another
  • Accumulation conveyors can take access product off a table and increase accumulation capacity

We also can provide dump tables or Mass Feed Conveyors to feed the rotary tables.

Request more info about this product

Request more info about this product