Product Manipulation (Turning, Settling, Metering & Accumulating)

Bring us the toughest sanitary line challenges in your business. Kleenline has earned its reputation as a leading provider of sanitary product handling solutions including conveyors, product handling equipment, vision systems, robotics, automation controls, and systems engineering services. Our ultra-sanitary, completely automated, and fully-integrated solutions are designed in-house for each customer. Kleenline helps our packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. View a variety of product manipulation applications including Product Turners, Settling Conveyors, Tray Metering Lug Conveyors, Accumulation Conveyors and more.

Learn how our Product Turners are key to your production flow.

Accumulation Conveyors manage product flow by holding product until downstream processes are ready.

Product Spreader Conveyors utilize specific lanes to reposition products, ensuring spacing in an organized manner.

Our Tray Metering Lug Conveyor ensures proper spacing, keeping product on pitch without overlapping.

Kleenline's Settling Conveyors better distribute products for container filling and are gentle enough for product bags, yet tough enough for heavy totes of metal parts.