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Stainless Steel Processing Conveyors

Top Sanitary Qualities With the Industry's Best Design And Construction

Precision, Speed, Accuracy, Consistency and Durability.  For over 25 years, KLEENLine has led the industry with complete sanitary conveyor systems that deliver customers the best of these qualities. And, as technology moves forward, we'll always be the first to set new standards for quality.

What Makes KLEENLine The Stainless Steel Conveyor Leader 

First, our more than two decades of experience in designing and building robust solutions for every conceivable processing and packaging application. Second, our Standard Product Library is 25+ years rich. That means customers get fast turnaround on solutions that work. And, when processing or packaging applications require unique solutions, KLEENLine’s Applications Development Team can quickly create custom approaches to solve any and all tough challenges.

All conveyors must work in a productivity continuum. And, that’s the basis for our Total Project Execution (TPE) system. Under our TPE management practice, every aspect of the customer experience is organized, linked, tracked and measured — from the very first contact through —

  • engineering,
  • system demonstration,
  • requirements and concept development,
  • design,
  • manufacturing,
  • installation,
  • on-going support.



All KLEENLine function experts work from the same customer plan, with the same level of commitment and craftsmanship. So it’s clear why our customers and partners include some of the biggest names in business.

KLEENLine Processing And Packaging Capabilities

  • Combine
  • Cool
  • Divert
  • Elevate
  • Accumulate
  • Collate
  • Index
  • Merge
  • Oscillate
  • Reciprocate
  • Retract
  • Spread
  • Transfer
  • Turn
Sanitary Fabric Power Belt Turns category thumbnail

Sanitary Fabric Power Belt Turns

Gentle product handling In tight footprint turns.

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Belt Turns category thumbnail

Belt Turns

Change product flow direction for small footprint applications.

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Chicaning Conveyors category thumbnail

Chicaning Conveyors

Perfect for preparing product for packaging.

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Incline Conveyors category thumbnail

Incline Conveyors

When you need to move products to a different height.

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Metal Detector Conveyors category thumbnail

Metal Detector Conveyors

We have a wide range of Metal Detector Conveyor solutions.

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Multi-Tier Cooling and Drying Conveyors category thumbnail

Multi-Tier Cooling and Drying Conveyors

Multi-tier conveyors provide excellent cooling and drying capabilities in a small footprint.

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Reciprocator and Oven Feed Belts category thumbnail

Reciprocator and Oven Feed Belts

Reciprocator Belts add precision product alignment for downstream processes.

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Plate Preparation Conveyors category thumbnail

Plate Preparation Conveyors

Designed and built with efficiency and ergonomics in mind.

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Process and Packaging Conveyors category thumbnail

Process and Packaging Conveyors

We can design and build a custom solution to perfectly fit your needs.

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Product Spreader Conveyors category thumbnail

Product Spreader Conveyors

Spreading product for the next process or packing.

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Servo Reciprocator (Shuttle) Conveyors category thumbnail

Servo Reciprocator (Shuttle) Conveyors

Reciprocator Belts add precision product alignment for downstream processes.

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Vertical Lifts category thumbnail

Vertical Lifts

Load product at floor level for feeding scales directly or feed multiple head scales.

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Accumulation Conveyors category thumbnail

Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation Conveyors manage the flow by holding product until downstream processes are ready.

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Rod Conveyor category thumbnail

Rod Conveyor

Our fully welded Rod Conveyor makes an excellent “clean-in-place” solution.

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Infeed Smartbelt Conveyor category thumbnail

Infeed Smartbelt Conveyor

A conveyor that speeds up or slows down to match variable flow rates, keeping products on pitch.

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